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Chocolate Legs
We are a wholesale manufacturer and distributor od Erotic Chocolate for the retail market.

To receive a catalog, we will need a copy of your business license and tax number forwarded to us. We will then contact you and provide you with one. We hope to have our catalog online soon.

We look forward to doing business with you and we are excited to bring you into our world of Erotic Chocolate.

You can purchase our items now at any of the locations listed on our locations page.
“Nothing says love like erotic chocolate.”
- Samantha C.
Photo Gallery
Limp Penis
10011 Milk Chocolate
10012 Dark Chocolate
10013 White ChocolateSmall Penis
10021 Milk Chocolate
10022 Dark Chocolate
10023 White ChocolateTeenie Peenie
10031 Milk Chocolate
10032 Dark Chocolate
10033 White ChocolateMini Penis Lolly
10041 Milk Chocolate
10042 Dark Chocolate
10043 White ChocolateLarge Penis Lolly
10051 Milk chocolate
10052 Dark Chocolate
10053 White ChocolateMedium Penis Lolly
10061 Milk
10062 Dark
10063 WhiteMale on Top
X-195 M Milk Chocolate
X-195 D Dark Chocolate
X-195 WWhite Chocolate
Sexy Lady Small
X-134 M Milk Chocolate
X-134 D Dark Chocolate
X-134 W White Chocolate
Better than the real thing? Or maybe rub those chocolate legs on those legs and lick it off. Mmmmm...